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You began sharing, what was essentially, your personal testimony — and how the Lord has enabled you and given you the wisdom and grace to live with a very difficult life-long issue, that in human terms cannot be resolved within a foreseeable lifetime.  Woven into your presentation was the message that God calls each of us to service and compassion within our immediate circle, and you sought to offer suggestions for discerning the things that God calls each of us to do.  You also encouraged, by emphasizing that we do things, not in our own strength and abilities, but that God enables when He calls. Your sincerity, honesty, and compassion were very evident in both the content and in the way you addressed the group.

Blessings and peace,

Hi Joan, 

I wanted to say thanks to you for such an amazing workshop. I only heard good things from women about their experience with us. 
You inspire me. You are tough. You are committed, loyal, brave, loving. The fruit of the Spirit is so evident in your life. Thank you for sharing so candidly about marriage with Brian. That meant something to the women present.

- Renee

I am so thankful for everything that Joan and Brian are doing. As a woman who has struggled with mental illness since my teens, and as someone who felt, for a long time, like the church just didn't understand my experience, I am so blessed to hear my own thoughts and feelings represented by Joan and Brian's confident, informed and heartfelt words. 

- Laura

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