Strategies for Powerful Living: Learning How to Care Workbook©

It is possible to gain effective mental illness management and to lead meaningful, productive lives. Given the proper treatment and support from caring people around them, many people experience significant mental health gains, leaving them with minimal interference from their illness.


Nevertheless, recovery is a process that occurs over time. It is rarely straightforward and is often characterized by steps forward and back. Recovery seldom involves a simple “quick fix” and requires optimism, patience, and commitment. Recovery does not always mean that a person will live symptom-free or recoup all the losses incurred as a result of their mental illness. It does mean, however, that people can live without feeling enveloped by mental illness or feeling that their potential is irredeemably curtailed because of it.


Recovery means people reaching their full potential as responsible individuals and community members and is facilitated through relationships and environments that provide hope, empowerment, choices, and opportunities.


Families embark on a process of recovery alongside their relative. Much like the ill person’s journey, it will not be straightforward and will involve both progress and setbacks. Many challenges, such as acceptance of the illness, developing coping strategies, and building on successes, will be present for both the ill person and the family. Some challenges will be faced simultaneously while others will be staggered in their timing and severity. Families embark on a process of recovery alongside their relative.

Our workbook “Strategies for Powerful Living, Learning How to Care Workbook©”, was developed to provide strategies and information to help you gain effective mental illness management. 


It is not designed to replace the advice of the appropriate professionals. 


Strategies for Powerful Living, Learning How to Care Workbook©


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This Day Planner will help you organize your life, and will prompt you to remember to give thanks to God, and to pray for friends and family. 


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